Honest Review Of Asantee Tamarind Salt Spa Scrub 2024


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I was excited to try the Asantee Tamarind Salt Spa Honey + Collagen which is marketed to be a purifying scrub that exfoliates the skin, and draws out impurities to leave your skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and refined.

In this post, I will share with you my honest review of the Asantee scrub after using it. You will find my honest Asantee tamarind scrub review, its ingredients, its benefits. if I can recommend, side effects and answers to other questions you may have about it.


In a hurry? You can check out this quick 1-minute review I made about the scrub below. It is basically a summary of what I think about it. Or you can continue reading this post for full details about the Asantee Scrub.

About Asantee Tamarind Salt Spa Honey + Collagen

The scrub is made in Thailand and comes in a 700ml cup that can serve you for a long time. There are a lot of other variants for this Asantee scrub but the Tamarind Salt Spa is a general favourite as you can find it more in the markets and find more people talking about it. The manufacturer notes that it is specially developed with natural herbs and fruit extracts that will revitalize and rejuvenate your skin and leave it looking good and feeling fantastic.

Asantee honey and collagen scrub review

I tried the Asantee Tamarind Salt Spa honey and collagen variant and the number one thing I can say is, this scrub is lit! It smells divine! It leaves a smooth and clean feeling after everything and it gives your skin an amazing shine. I’m someone who has very oily skin and there are some scrubs I use and feel it is too greasy.

They make me feel coated and my face end up breaking out as a result of the extra hard oils I’m adding to it. But this Asantee scrub, it doesn’t do that. It’s great for most skin types because my cousin who has very dry skin and used this scrub experienced a very cooling result. It did not dry her skin, it made the skin very moisturised and gave it that supple and healthy glow.

How good is Asantee Tamarind Scrub?

Asantee salt scrub is a fine-grained salt scrub made with herbs and fruits extracts to give a perfect exfoliating result. It is a very good scrub that makes your complexion brighter, fresher and silky smooth. The tamarind scrub can help to reduce facial acne, dark skin and spots. It is also great for making the skin firmer while tantalizing you with its aromatic scents and giving you that relaxing effect. This product is also not harsh on the skin and can do an exfoliating job just great.

Is Asantee Salt Spa effective for the face?

Asantee salt spa scrub is made from naturally derived salt and a combination of natural herbs and fruit extracts that provide light exfoliation and stimulate collagen production which helps to stimulate cellular repair and diminish the signs of ageing. The milk, honey and pearl extracts in it will also help to leave your skin amazingly soft and supple and work well to give your skin a fairer tone.

As for its effectiveness, I can say that yes, it delivers just as it promises. It is mild on the skin and exfoliates gently to remove those dead skin cells on the surface and reveal shiny and more flawless skin underneath.

What are the ingredients in Asantee tamarind scrub?

This Asantee scrub contains Sodium Laureth Sulfite, Fragrance, Sodium chloride, Glycerin, Tamarind extract, Honey and Collagen; with its main ingredient as Dead Sea Salt. All these are combined to give your skin the best results.

Can I recommend the Asantee scrub?

Yes, I can recommend this Asantee Tamarind Scrub for anyone who is looking for a gentle and good exfoliator that can smoothen and brighten the skin safely while clearing pimples and wrinkles. You would love it, no doubt! It is tested and trusted by many as it delivers well without giving terrible results like many others.

Benefits of Asantee Salt Scrub

Exfoliating the skin is important and doing this with an amazing product like the Asantee Tamarind Salt can be a lot more beneficial than you think. Here are the benefits that come from using this Asantee face and body scrub:

  • This can be used on both the face and body.
  • It can tighten and firm the skin and close pores on my face.
  • The scrub can brighten the skin.
  • It fades acne and signs of ageing.
  • This can get your complexion brighter, cleaner and flawlessly smooth.
  • It reduces dark skin on the face, neck, abdomen, thighs, underarms and other areas.
  • There is an aromatic scents and a relaxing effect that comes from using it.
  • It contains honey and collagen which is a great addition to the skin.
  • You can use very visible difference with continuous use of the scrub.
  • It rejuvenates the skin while exfoliating it gently and leaving your skin feeling baby-smooth.
  • The scrub lathers a lot, lasts long and is quite affordable for its size and effectiveness.

How do you use Asantee tamarind salt spa?

You can enjoy this soapy goodness by scooping a small amount into your wet palm, rubbing on your skin and massaging in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes on each spot. Do this all over your face and body and allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes before washing off with water. There is no need for your regular face/body soap or sponge after using this as it exfoliates just fine on its own. Just be sure to use a good moisturizer to seal in moisture afterwards.

You have to massage this scrub very gently into your skin as salt itself has a rough feel on the skin when applied with pressure. It should also be applied with wet palms as dry palms can only make it feel harsh on the skin. Use this once or twice (max) a week and consistently for best results. You can also adopt a good Facial Care Routine to make the process an even more fun and for a more permanent and long-lasting result.

Asantee Scrub side effects

This scrub may not be all that good for people with super sensitive skin as the salt can be harsh on it and leave redness after use. If you also have very dry skin, this may over-dry your skin even fast if you do not follow up with a very good dry skin moisturizer regularly.

Other side effects you can experience with this scrub include:

  • Irritation, if your skin does not like fragrance in products.
  • Greasiness, if you use too much at once and you naturally have super oily skin.
  • Breakouts, if you combine this scrub with a very harsh product or a strong ingredient for one reason on another.

What does Asantee body scrub do?

The Asantee body scrub is an exfoliator that can exfoliate your skin, removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells and leaving your skin softer, clearer and smoother. It does this gradually and with safe ingredients for you not to experience any negative effects.

Can I use Asantee scrub on my face?

Yes, you can use Asantee scrub on the face to get good exfoliating and hydrating results as it has ingredients that are safe and mild enough to use on the face.

Is the Asantee Scrub for all skin types?

Yes, any skin type can use the scrub. It is cool for even sensitive skins because its major ingredients are mild on the skin and do not cause irritation. It is also not too hard or rough on the skin for a scrub. If you wet your hands before scooping and applying it, you will realise it is quite gentle on the skin and lathers very well.

Which of the Asantee scrub is the best?

The Asantee  Tamarind Scrub is the best among the other variants as it is the one with the most natural ingredients that are safe to be used all over the skin. It is also the one that has less of fake products circulating the market.

Can I use Asantee scrub every day?

As an exfoliator, the Asantee scrub cannot be used every day. You can only use it once or twice every week to avoid stripping your skin of necessary elements. Using a scrub too often on the skin can harshly remove your skin’s protective barrier and leave it open to dirt and bacteria that can cause you breakouts and other issues.

Is Asantee an exfoliating soap?

Yes, Asantee is an exfoliator that can be used in place of your regular soap once in a while to gently exfoliate your skin, remove dead skin and reveal a healthy skin.

Is Asantee a whitening scrub?

Although some people have agreed that this scrub can brighten your skin, it does this slowly without any bleaching effect. So, no, the Asantee Tamarind Scrub is not a whitening scrub but one that only brightens the skin. If you want the one that can whiten the skin, try the Asantee Rice Milk Whitening Scrub.

Can Asantee Scrub bleach the skin?

The Asantee scrub doesn’t bleach the skin, instead, it clears off deep dirt and oil and exfoliates your skin to leave you with a clean, glowing and healthy skin. I can say the same thing for most of the other Asantee exfoliating scrub variants because they all contain the same thing, except for the fruit, plant or root extract added.

What is the work of Asantee body scrub?

Exfoliating your skin is an essential part of keeping it healthy and the Asantee scrub can work to help you with that. Not only does it help to remove dead skin cells, it helps to prevent the formation of wrinkles and ageing spots. It also helps to remove dirt and oil from your face, which helps keep skin healthy and looking fresh.

How much is Asantee Scrub?

In Nigeria, this Scrub costs between N1800-N3500 depending on your location and the vendor you are buying from.

Where to buy Asantee Scrub?

The scrub is all over the market and can be bought in malls, cosmetic shops and online stores. If you want to buy the original soap and be sure you won’t receive the fake one, you can purchase it from this online vendor on Instagram.

How to know the original Asantee salt scrub

Good products in the beauty market tend to have fake ones also circulating. If you get one of these, you would definitely wish you never knew the brand or tried their products. But that should not be the case. Let me show you how to identify the original Asantee scrub.

To know the original Asante scrub, keep in mind that you can scan the QR code by the side of the container. Scan this and check the information you find. It would show you details of the brand and product.

Also, the scrub is bright brown in colour and it has a rough look and feel; anything outside this is fake. It also comes in a 700ml brown cup with the name and description on it. The cup is always sealed with transparent nylon; anything outside this, do not buy as it might be fake or have been tampered with.

If you need help getting the original one, save your skin and contact this Instagram vendor to help you get it across to you with ease.

asantee tamarind salt spa



In summary, this Asantee Tamarind Salt Scrub is a good product and delivers just fine when it comes to exfoliating and hydrating your skin. I recommend this scrub to anyone who is looking to get a gentle, safe and effective facial exfoliator that can treat their skin right.

You can be sure to see the very best results using this scrub when you use it consistently for a long duration, rightly and with a good facial care routine. You can use it in the morning or at night, but should not exceed twice a week (scrubs, in general, should not be used more than two times a week, once is cool too).

So, have you used this scrub? Planning to use it? Have other questions about it? Feel free to leave a comment below. I respond to every single one of them.

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