We Are Launching Our Facial Care Box!


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We are almost ready to launch our Facial Care Box! YAY!! But first, let me tell you what this whole thing is.


What is the Facial Care Box?

A facial care box is a beauty box that contains well-selected skin products/accessories that can help you achieve healthy facial skin.

Whether you are obsessed with trying out the latest trends or just looking to revamp your facial skincare routine, we are here to bring you a whole new way to do skincare ?

What inspired this FCB idea?

After receiving a lot of requests from people who regularly ask for one product or the other to target a skin concern, and seeing how the beauty community is turning to very harsh products to fix a skin concern, but end up with more issues; we have finally decided to make our consultation results open and share in a “Box” what would go a long way to give your facial skin the best treatment.

Why are we fit to do this?

  • We are certified cosmetologists with 3 years of experience in researching and testing skincare products that can be used to fix one skin issue or the other.
  • We have done skin consultations for 2 years and have seen visible changes and received successful feedbacks from clients.
  • For a year now, we have managed a beauty community where people have shared personal stories on their experiences with products, what worked and what to avoid.

How will the FCB launch be?

We are first kicking off on 11-11-2021 with a Box targeting Oily Skin and/or Acne-Prone Skin Types. Why? Because we have a lot of people searching for products for such skin types more than the others.

How do you know that you need an FCB?

You need FCB if you fall in any of these categories:

  • deciding on a product to buy or stick to is a bit of a struggle for you.
  • you have Oily or Acne-prone skin you struggle with.
  • you have used many products in the past and have not seen any results.

Why will this benefit you?

  • We will listen to your skin concerns and send you carefully selected products you can use.
  • Products/accessories you will receive are original and sourced directly from trusted suppliers.
  • All products would target your particular skin type to ensure you will get the best results.
  • You would get a handy routine calendar and manual to help you stay on track.
  • We will be in touch to ensure that you are motivated and assisted at each step.
  • You can subscribe to be receiving the Box quarterly (every 3 months) to avoid the case where you would exhaust a product and cannot find it to buy again.

What will you find in our Facial Care Box?

Our Box is a beauty box that contains well-selected skin products/accessories to help you achieve healthy facial skin. You should expect to see:

  • facial skin products ranging from face soaps, cleansers, toners, serums, moisturisers/creams, sunscreens, essential oils, eye creams, exfoliators, masks, treatments, natural skin products like aloe vera gel, cosmetic turmeric, honey, apple cider, etc.
  • facial skin accessories ranging from face towel, spray bottle, application brush, cotton wool/pad, mixing bowl, bath bombs, exfoliating sponge, shower cap, measuring spoon, etc.

Facial care Products for Healthy Skin

Why are we doing this for you?

We are tired of seeing people complain about not finding a suitable product, not knowing what to choose, having no idea what their facial skin routine should be like, using products with no results or with side effects, etc; and we have decided to take this stress off you and be the ones to worry on your behalf.

Your face can experience quality care with our Facial Care Box containing amazing products for your skin type and targeting your specific skin concerns! We go beyond just listening to you, we put ourselves in your skin and gather the best, natural, effective products that would give your face a lot more confidence.

We preach and practice natural skincare routines and so the products you will get are well researched, sourced from popular and trusted beauty brands; with priority placed on products having more of natural ingredients and no skin side effects. ?

What are the categories/prices of the Facial Care Boxes?

We have these two main Box categories and their prices: Boxes containing complete products/accessories for

❤️ Basic facial care routine = N15,500/$32
❤️ Basic facial care routine (Pro) = N19,500/$40

The following Boxes contain products/accessories for Basic facial care routines AND treatments for specific skin concerns:

❤️ Blackhead treatments + BFR = N20,500/$44

❤️ Acne treatments + BFR = N21,500/$45

❤️ Sunburn treatments + BFR = N22,500/$47

❤️ Under-eye bag/Dark circles treatments + BFR = N24,500/$50

❤️ BFR + Other skin concerns not mentioned = Price is subject to findings from the FREE consultation session

Want to grab your own Box?

If owning a Facial Care Box is getting you excited as we are about giving your skin the best, rush now and be among the first to send us a direct DM on Instagram or click this link and do any of the following:

❤️ Contact us via WhatsApp to indicate your interest in a Box and get 10% discount when you make your purchase.

❤️ Make a preorder at 20% discount and be among the first to receive a Box.

❤️ Schedule a FREE SESSION to discuss your skin concerns and get a Box recommendation.

❤️ Participate in the pre-launch giveaway to win a Box for yourself!

❤️ Join our mailing list and be among the first to know when we finally launch, then you can make your box selection by then.

❤️ Share our flyer to win a FREE BOX of products worth N10,000/$22!


How to preorder a Box?

All purchases made in advance, before the launch day, would fall under the pre-order category. These Boxes would be having 20% discount and 10% discount for Boxes purchased by people who secure a slot before the launch day. If you want to do the pre-order, simply go to the FCB storefront select the Facial Care Box you need and use the code “preorder” during checkout. The discount would be added automatically.

For those who would like to secure a slot before the launch day, simply message us with your name and the Box you need, once we confirm your spot, we will provide you with the 10% discount code when you want to make your first purchase.


We are super excited about this and cannot wait to go with you through this beauty journey!
Trust me, this is something you do not want to miss!


Remember, we preach and practice natural skincare routines and so any product you get from us is well-researched, sourced from popular and trusted beauty brands; with priority placed on products having more natural ingredients and no skin side effects. ?

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