K Brothers Face Soap For Dark Spots: How Effective Is It? (My Review)


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 As far back as people can remember, the struggle for having and keeping a smooth, flawless face has always been real. People are always in search of very good products that can work to clear their facial blemishes and one of such products that have caught the heart of many is the famous K Brothers face soap.

If you are considering buying this facial soap or you have got one already, this post is for you. In this post, I want to share with you all you need to know about the K Brothers face soap, how to spot the real and fake one, its good and bad side, honest reviews, and also where you can be sure to buy the original K brothers soap.


What Is K Brothers Thai-USA Soap For Dark Spots?

K Brothers face soap is a Thailand + USA product. It is one of the many cosmetic/beauty items produced by the joint Thai-American company (K Brothers) since 1989. It is worthy of note that all items made under them are produced based on natural ingredients i.e you can expect all organic ingredients that will help to preserve your youthful, healthy and beautiful glow for years. As for their face soap; it is 100% organic and very effective in lightening the skin tone, clearing pimples and black spots and also giving you a natural glow you would love.

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How Effective Is K Brothers Face Soap?

Without mincing words, the K Brothers facial soap is a very effective black spot remover that works great to clear all your dark spots, pimples and other blemishes on the face. The K Brothers soap is just the right thing to help remove black spots. Coupled with a good skincare routine that would complement the work of the soap, you can be guaranteed a clear face with no spots and a healthy, youthful glow within a very few weeks of consistent use.

What Are The Ingredients Found In K Brothers Face Soap?

Though the K Brothers face soap has a lot of variants and flavours, the common ingredients found in all the types of K Brothers face soap are Aqua, Coconut Oil, Fragrance, Sodium Hydroxide, FD&C Brown (Artificial colour or synthetic dye approved for Food, Drugs & Cosmetics use), Extract from Natural Herbs and Fruits, enriched with Vitamin A, C and E.

For the most common ones, which are the carrot, papaya, black soap, apricot, and honey variants, the ingredients found in them include all the major ones and also blends/extracts of natural, organic ingredients. For instance, the ingredients in the K Brothers carrot soap contains a combination of carrot and Thai Ginseng extracts, including the above ingredients. Other variants are blended honey, apricot, turmeric, collagen or any other extract they are made in.

The most important thing is that these natural ingredients all work together to deeply cleanse your skin and get rid of dead skin cells, oil and other impurities to leave you with a smooth, flawless and healthy face.

Honest Customers’ Review About The K Brothers Soap

It is a fact that the K Brothers soap is very effective when it comes to clearing your facial black spots. But just like most cosmetic and beauty products, this facial soap has its own good and bad sides as highlighted by people who have used them, and are still using them. I have picked the ones that would help you decide if you are making the right choice in choosing this soap:

The Good Reviews Of The K Brothers Soap

  • It is very good for black spots and other facial blemishes.
  • If you have got thick, oily facial skin, this soap can get rid of that in no time.
  • The face soap is very mild and gentle on the skin and this makes it suitable for even those with sensitive skin.
  • The soap can help revive your dull and acne-filled face.
  • With anti-ageing and anti-wrinkling properties, it is sure to give you a youthful glow always.

Bad Reviews Of The K Brothers Soap

  • It is very little compared to the price you pay for it.
  • Some persons may feel their skin tingling or burning when they first use the soap.
  • It can whiten your skin fast and if you are not careful, you may have dark patches in some areas.
  • The soap runs out pretty quickly.

The advantages of this soap far outweigh the disadvantages so it is a good product. It is definitely one of the most effective solutions to achieving spotless skin as it gets rid of black spots, acne, pimples, wrinkles, freckles and discolouration and other blemishes efficiently. And of course, the reviews on this soap are huge and mostly positive since it works for so many people.

K brothers Whitening Beauty Care Face Out soap for black spots

Frequently Asked Questions About The K Brothers Soap

Most times, before we choose a beauty product, we may have some questions hanging on our minds. It’s totally fine if you are concerned about what you are getting your skin into. For this reason, I will be providing answers to your pressing questions about this facial soap. Here are common questions people ask about the K Brothers facial soap and answers to all of them: (feel free to leave a comment with any question you have that may not be here)

  • Can K Brothers facial soap clear acne, sunburn, blemish and dark spots?

This special formula soap is perfect for people with pimples, black spots, dark circles and blemishes. So, yes, it can help you get rid of all these while making your skin lighter in complexion, smoother and flawless. The papaya blend is even more effective for pimples as it has a protein-dissolving enzyme, papain, which effectively removes damaged keratin and clears pimples fast.

  • Where can I get K Brothers soap in the USA, UK or other European countries?

This facial soap is all over the market that you can get it almost at every cosmetic/beauty store or mall you walk into. If you want to get it online and have it sent to you right from the comfort of your home, click this link to be taken to the product page on the Amazon website. There you can find more reviews from other users, the price and more information before placing your order.

  • Does K Brothers soap burn the face?

Generally, the soap does not burn the face. However, for some first-time users and some people with super sensitive skin, the soap may feel hot on their skin when they apply it and leave it on for a while. If you fall in such a category but you want to really use this soap to reap its benefits, you still can. Just ensure to leave it on for ONLY a few seconds after applying it before you wash it off.

  • Is the facial soap for people with sensitive skin?

While the manufacturers may not have specified what skin type or condition can use this facial soap, it is common knowledge that all skin types can use it. The only thing is to be observant and stop using it if you ever feel any of its side effects regardless of your skin type.

  • How good is K brothers face soap?

All the variants of the K Brothers soap are very good soaps that are filled with 100% natural ingredients and do not contain any animal fat. It is great when it comes to getting rid of pimples, freckles, dark spots etc. It can also brighten the facial skin and make it smooth and soft to the touch.

  • What age can use K Brothers soap?

There is no specified age for one to start using this particular soap. However, I will suggest that people from 14+ years are those who can start using it. This is simply because 14+ is likely the age one can begin to start having and worrying about pimples and black spots.

  • How much is K Brothers soap?

Even though there are so many variants of the K Brothers face soap, their prices only differ slightly. The Gluta Collagen, kojic blend and rice milk variations are on the higher side, while others like the carrot soap, papaya soap, honey and the others are slightly lesser. You can get this soap between $2.12 to $11.90 for a bar while the full pack (which is 6 bars) can be bought between $13 to $72. For Nigerians, you can get this between N450-N1350 for each depending on where you are getting it from. For the whole pack of 6, you can get it between N3000-N8500 also depending on where you go to buy it.

  • Where can I get lotion K Brothers soap in Nigeria or other African countries?

If you are in Nigeria or other African countries, walking into any beauty store or mall is a good place to get one. For online, you can simply shop at any of the major e-commerce platforms and you can be sure to get it. You can check our store page, send a DM to instagram.com/_facialskincare to make a customized request or click here to send a Whatsapp message to order. These three options are guaranteed to get you the original soap without delay.

  • How does K Brothers soap work?

K Brothers soap works by deep cleansing your face to eliminate impurities and get rid of pimples and dark spots. It can be a bit drying depending on your skin type, but once it begins to work, it can dry off your pimples and clear your spots.

  • What colour is the K Brothers face soap?

This soap may have different blends but the most common colour of the soap is Orange. Some variants are white, some are milky, others are even a very light shade of pink or grey. But the different colours doesn’t affect which is fake or original. Apart from the colour, it comes with a sweet, pleasant scent for you to enjoy and relax during your bath time.


  • Which country produces K Brothers soap?

K Brothers is a joint company of Thailand and the USA. The soap itself is primarily produced in Thailand and distributed from there. It is available in many countries and marketed by those who have gotten the license to do it.

  • Is K Brothers soap very effective?

Yes, K Brothers soap is very effective when it comes to reducing dark spots, brightening the skin and also making it soft, supple and smooth. It is made with the finest raw material blends and natural, organic ingredients to treat your skin right. Using it continuously would definitely enhance its effectiveness too.

  • Does K Brothers soap bleach or whiten the skin?

With this K Brothers soap, you can experience fairer and whiter skin. It has got ingredients that are sure to lighten your skin, heal stubborn acne, treat pimple scars and clear black spots. And of course, it also helps to prevent wrinkle formation and keeps your skin bright and youthful always.

  • Can I get K Brothers USA face soap from sellers on Nairaland?

The thing is, the K Brothers soap already has the fake one circulating in the market and you can easily fall into the hands of a seller who would collect your money and send such to you. Let’s also not mention the fact that some of these people who claim to be sellers on Nairaland are just there to collect people’s money and disappear. I would recommend you check Our Store, send a DM to instagram.com/_facialskincare or a send Whatsapp message to make a direct request for it to be sent to your location.

  • What does the K Brothers face soap do?

This face soap for black spots is an amazing skin cleansing soap with natural plant-based ingredients, lightening and anti-acne agent. It is a soap that does enough good to your skin as it is effective on stressed skin, can lighten the skin, make it clearer, smoother and younger. It does not contain animal fat additives and so it’s a safe option to get rid of dull skin, it can help to improve your skin and make it soft and clean.

  • What are the side effects of the black spot facial soap?

This face soap for dark spots has been known for very few side effects which include brown patches on the skin and also a feeling of hotness or burns.

How to get rid of the brown patches that may be caused by K Brothers soap

If you ever get brown patches as a result of using the K Brothers soap, relax, you can still fix it naturally. Click this link to read How To Get Rid Of The Brown Patches using natural and readily available ingredients.

Features Of The U.S.A Facial Soap

If you are like me and would want to know every single benefit you can get from this soap, here are the main features of the soap that would make you love it even more:

  • Great for black spots and marks.
  • It reduces oil on the face especially if you have an oily face.
  • All ingredients are organic and 100% natural in most of the variants.
  • You can find visible improvements in a few days after using.
  • There are different blends to choose from that would suit your skin needs.
  • It is an eco-friendly product.
  • Good for both males and females.
  • Does a perfect job in moisturizing and nourishing the skin.
  • This removes dead skin cells efficiently to reveal clearer and healthier skin.
  • It soothes the skin while getting rid of acne and dark spots.
  • No major side effects in most cases.
  • You can get an even skin tone and lighter complexion with consistent use.
  • It contains antioxidant that helps to rejuvenate your skin, keeping it youthful and radiant always.
  • This soap can treat acne and pimples effectively; reduce redness, itchiness and inflammation too.


The Different Types/Flavours Of K Brothers Face Soap

K Brothers company has released a whole bunch of facial soaps in different blends/flavours and it would take a dedicated user to be able to know them all. There are actually more than 10 different varieties with unique ingredients and properties to keep your skin healthy and flawless.

For the sake of keeping you in the know to ensure you make the right choice your skin needs, let me share with you ALL the different types of soap variants which the company has pushed into the market:

  1. Brothers carrot soap beauty care face out
  2. Gluta collagen soap
  3. Apricot exfoliate soap mask
  4. Brothers black soap original
  5. Papaya soap beauty care face out
  6. Kojic exclusive whitening soap
  7. K Brothers baby face whitening, clarifying soap with turmeric
  8. Turmeric with honey soap blend
  9. K Brothers detox coffee soap
  10. Babyface with AHA soap
  11. Goat milk collagen whitening herbal soap
  12. Honey soap with pure gold with Glycerin base
  13. K Brothers Turmeric with vitamin E soap
  14. Carambola soap for black spots
  15. Papaya with honey soap
  16. K Brothers Tamarind whitening herbal soap
  17. Alpha Arbutin soap
  18. K Brothers new papaya skin-whitening soap with BHA + Vitamin C
  19. Rice milk soap

Yup! Nineteen of them for now, and still counting! I give it up for them though, they have got pretty good products people to adore. And the good thing is that they are all readily available in the market. All you need is to identify your skin needs, pick a blend/flavour that would suit you and then make your purchase.

Hey, let me simplify it for you by gathering them all under one page for you to check through and read more details about each. So, here is the thing, you can click the respective links to be taken to the product page on Our Store, Amazon or Jumia or Konga. By clicking on the last 3 links, you would land on the product page containing all the variants of the K Brothers facial soap. You can check each one to see the one that would suit your needs; you can check more details about each, see what users are saying and make your purchase right on any of the websites. Or you can order directly from a seller by sending a DM to instagram.com/_facialskincare or a  Whatsapp message and making a request for it.

How to spot fake and real/original K Brothers facial soap:

K Brothers face soap has got a lot of variants that even the customers could not keep up with all their products. For this reason, it’s a little difficult for most people to know how to identify the fake Kbrothers face soap so they can avoid it. They keep introducing new and improved variants with different flavours or organic ingredients and if someone is not already aware, they may not know if they are buying the original product.

The original and fake KBrothers soap look quite alike and if you aren’t observant,t you might end up buying the fake one thinking it is the real one. Trust me, you do not want this for yourself. In the two, there is a difference in the size of the pack, the font size and style, the design, the shape, the logo and more. If you want to understand how you can tell the two apart, check out this post on How To Identify Fake/Original K Brothers Soap (Pictures & Video) or watch the video below.


My Personal Experience With The Fake K Brothers Soap

Just when I had become a dedicated fan and user of the K Brothers facial soap, I wanted to buy the full 6-pack for a journey I was planning. The person who introduced me to the soap never told me that I should beware of the fake products that were in the market. And the fact that I went to a popular cosmetics store and saw the different blends they had, I never had a doubt in them. But I was wrong!

I got the full pack and was excited about using them in my new location as I was always careful about what I buy whenever I move to a different environment. A few days after joyfully using one of the soap bars, my skin took another dimension. Actually, I was using it as a face and body soap. Just after a few days, the pimples on my face that were long gone came back in full force, this time they were dark and big. My skin started having two colours as I became a shade lighter in some areas of my body. In fact, the side effects were so, so horrible that I had to go back to a basic soap (EVA soap to be precise), get a very good facial cleanser and also spend days indoors trying to see if I could get my skin back to normal.

The experience was really unpleasant and when I had finally gotten an even complexion all over my skin and the pimples are all gone, I made it my duty to find out what went wrong. After days of research, I found out that I had gotten the fake one and what I experienced was all part of the side effects.

What if you buy the fake one from the market?

If you already bought the fake one without knowing, please, don’t try to use it; or, stop using it if you have tried it. Trust me, the fake product can harm your skin and even your health in the long run; you really do not want that.

During my research as shared earlier, I also learnt that there is actually no remedy to the fake product. Unlike some other products I have seen the fake ones in the market, some users say that it still works fine for them without any negative effect. But for K Brothers soap, that is not the case, the fake one is fake all around and it cannot work anything for you, rather, it could leave you with nasty experiences. It is best if you avoid it entirely as you won’t like what it may do to you.

Where can I buy the original K Brothers soap from?

Knowing what the fake K Brothers soap can do to you, it is very important to buy the original one always. If you are looking for a guaranteed place to do that, I will recommend trusted stores online and offline. For online stores, you can visit Our Store’s Page, or click this link to go to Amazon, or simply send a DM to instagram.com/_facialskincare and make the request. And since you have seen how to tell them apart, I bet you can make the purchase yourself while knowing which is the real, and which is the fake one,

How To Use K Brothers Facial Soap For Best Results

If you have gotten yourself the K Brothers soap and you are looking to reap all its benefits and get the best results in no time, here is the best application method to use:

  • Simply dip a part of the soap in water.
  • Rub the wet part around your dry face, concentrating more on areas with dark spots.
  • Massage it gently into your face to ensure it performs its deep cleaning function.
  • Leave it on for a few minutes. If you are having your bath while doing this, you can wash it off when you are done with your entire body.
  • Wash the soap off your face gently (using your sponge, towel or fingers).
  • Keep the soap in a dry place after using it to maintain its quality.
  • Pat your face dry with a very neat towel.
  • Do this twice every day, preferably morning and night.
  • Follow it up with a very good facial cleanser, moisturizer and other things you include in your routine. This would guarantee a faster and more permanent result.

No doubt this soap will give you a brighter complexion, spotless and clean skin without dark spots, blackheads, freckles and pimples. With very powerful anti-ageing properties, you are sure your skin would look younger and fresher with consistent use. I bet this post has answered your many questions and also pointed you in the right direction about the soap.

So, have you used this soap or are you yet to get it? What has been your experience and what have you heard about it? Let’s hear your thoughts below. and if you have any more concerns about it, feel free to leave them below too.




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32 thoughts on “K Brothers Face Soap For Dark Spots: How Effective Is It? (My Review)”

  1. I just bought the soap and it smells so weird and awful….. I don’t know if it’s fake
    And where can I get the original k brothers soap that was manufactured this year

  2. Thank you so much, Rosy, for this well detailed Kbrothers face soap review.
    I’ll really appreciate if you can do one about the face cream. Someone recommended it for me, but I’m a bit skeptical because she’s the one selling it and I’m not sure if she’s just trying to sell her market or genuinely give me a good product.

    Thanks again. I really find value in you in depth reviews!

    • Thank you too for your kind and encouraging comment. I will try my best to get my hands on the face cream, use it if possible, and ask other users about it before sharing my thoughts. Keep your eyes on the youtube channel as I might drop it there first.

    • It depends on what you need the soap for.
      If you want to get rid of dark spots, even your skin tone, clear pimples and other facial blemishes;then yes, k brothers soap is very effective for that.

    • Sorry to hear that. How long have you been using the soap? Did you start noticing the hotness since you started using it?

      If you just started using it, I’ll recommend you use it for at least 7 days and leave it on for just some seconds (must be less than a minute).
      If the hotness continues after that, just stop using it and switch to something milder.

  3. I just started using this soap some days back and after I apply it, leave on for some few minutes and wash it off, I then apply my VASELINE MEN COOLING BODY LOTION as moisturizer but my face still feels and looks dry (and has this about-to-peel look). Is it the soap getting rid of dead skin or is it damaging my skin? PS: I also get the burning sensation you mentioned when I apply it. Thanks for your review, it was really helpful!

    • Hi.
      First off, how long have you been using this soap? Did you start noticing the dryness and near-peeling since you started using it?

      If you haven’t used it for long since you bought it, I’ll recommend you hang on and use it for at least 7 days and when you apply, leave it on for just some seconds (must be less than a minute).
      If it continues after that, just stop using it as it’s not for your skin.

      Also, did you get the original one (please, check the post above to see how to identify the original K Brothers soap)? Or maybe check if the one you have has expired. This can be a cause too.

      The K.Brothers face soap is quite gentle on the skin and doesn’t really have harsh, or exfoliating properties to be able to attempt peeling your skin.

      I’ll also recommend that you check the lotion you are using too. Maybe the problem can be from there.

      Don’t forget to also check if there’s a new habit/lifestyle that is causing this. Or your skin, probably reacting to something new.

  4. i will purchase mine today, i am happy i come across this review, the best part is showing me the original and fake.
    thanks so much.
    i really need my skin to glow.

  5. I’ve been using this soap since I was 16 years and I can’t imagine switching to another. It is sweet and very effective on dark spots.

    It lathers well and relaxes the skin when using it.

    I totally recommend it.


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