How To Identify Fake/Original KBrothers Soap (Pictures & Video)


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For any product to be very popular, we shouldn’t be taken by surprise when we find the fake one coming up and taking over the market. Such is the case with the KBrothers face soap. Fake soaps are never good for your skin as they can leave you with more problems; this is why you must always look out for original products always. Let me show you (with pictures and video) how you can identify the original KBrothers facial soap – the carrot soap, papaya soap and the plain beauty care face out for black spots; and how to differentiate it from the original one for when you will want to buy it.

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10 Differences Between Original Kbrothers Soap & The Fake One

Let me share with you the major differences between the fake Kbrothers soap and the original one so you would be able to tell them apart when you are ready to buy:

  1. The fake KBrothers soap is not as brightly coloured as the original one. The original one is bright orange in colour but you find the fake one having different variants in colour from deep orange to burnt orange to even dark yellow.
  2. Fake Kbrothers soap has a pack that is not glossy like the original one.
  3. The original Kbrothers facial soap has the official logo of the brand printed on the front and back of the soap pack and also on the nylon wrapping soap itself.
  4. For some of the fakes ones, the pack is longer than usual.
  5. The original one has a sweet scent and will leave your bathroom scenting nice even long after you have left. The fake one, on the other hand, has a short-lived, sharp smell that can prick your nose and can leave the bathroom smelling bad after you leave.
  6. Original Kbrothers soap lathers very and a little can go a long way. But the fake one doesn’t lather well and also runs out very fast.
  7. The font style and size of the original one is smoother and the gold colour is more pronounced as if the text was engraved in the pack. But some fake ones have a running text that looks like it was simply printed on the pack.
  8. Original Kbrothers soap comes in sharp, square shapes. Unlike some fake ones that have rounded edges or are moon-shaped.
  9. Most of the fake soap of the brand does not have the official logo pressed into it. The soap can come bare or with an entirely different logo on it. But all the original Kbrothers soap has the logo on them.
  10. For the pack, some of the fake ones have red colours in them. But the original ones should have gold writing and the official logo.

I believe with the above differences, you can easily tell the fake and original Kbrothers soap apart when you come across them.

Pictures/Video to help you identify original Kbrothers soap from the fake one

Apart from the fact that K.Brothers face soap has got a lot of variants that even the customers cannot keep up with all their products; it is still important to know how to tell the fake from the original one.

If you find it a little difficult to identify which is the fake or real K.brothers face soap, not to worry. Let me share with you common pictures of the fake Kbrothers soap as well as the original one to be sure of the one you are buying.

First, let’s take a long at the fake products that are circulating the market and compare them to the original ones to see the difference:

(Prefer a video? No worries, I made this one below specifically for you. If you want to just see the pictures, continue scrolling instead, just keep scrolling)

See pictures of some of the fake K.Brothers soap




And these are pictures of some of the real/original K.Brothers soap




So, how to spot fake and real/original K.Brothers facial soap?

Take one more long look at the fake and original soap images above. Notice the difference in the size of the pack, the font size and style, the design. Notice that the original box is glossier too and the gold colour is sharper in the original one compared to the fake one, And for the fake ones, the official logo of the brand is missing or you’ll find a fake logo.

If you can, memorize how the original boxes look like and what the soap inside also looks like. And using the 10 differences mentioned earlier, you should be able to tell the fake and original ones apart when you are ready to buy yours.

In case you aren’t aware, below are the official logos of the brand to look out for. They always put it either at the front or the back of each soapbox and also on the nylon that the soap is wrapped in; so be on the lookout for it.




The best places to buy original Kbrothers soap without regrets?

Kbrothers may keep introducing new and improved variants with different flavours or organic ingredients and if you are not already aware, you may not know if you are buying the original or fake product.

To be on the safe side, it is best to buy the soap from trusted places you know you would surely get the original one. The best places I can recommend for you to buy this soap and be sure you would get the original include the following:

  1. Trusted online stores. You can get it on our store’s page by going through this link, you can get for Konga through this link, check this link for Amazon or this link for Jumia. Each of these links would take you directly to where you would find the original one to order.
  2. You can directly get it from a seller by sending a DM to to make a direct order to get yours.
  3. Trusted shopping malls like ShopRite and state malls. These places would have the original Kbrothers soap because the majority of their supplies come directly from the manufacturers or through trusted distributors.
  4. Popular/big skincare stores. You should pick a popular or skincare store over smaller ones because the owners would most likely be after saving their reputation and business and won’t resort to buying fake, substandard products.
  5. Online vendors (on social media) who can vouch for their products and are open to show you what you will be getting. You should patronize these people only if you are confident that you know how to identify the fake and original Kbrothers soap.

Though there may be more variants out there that are still the original soap, it’s important to know which is the fake one and try to avoid it. Ensure the one you buy carries the official logo either at the back, front or on the nylon covering the bar soap itself. You can always open any pack to see what is inside before you go ahead to buy.


I am a complete lover and user of the Kbrothers face soap. If you want to read my full review of this facial soap, check out this post on K.Brothers Face Soap For Dark Spots: How Effective Is It? (My Review). There you would find answers to your common questions about the face soap; the good and bad reviews others have about the soap; the different skincare products you can find under the K brothers brand and my personal experience using the soap.

If you have already bought one and you want to confirm if it’s the original one, or if you want me to take a look at the one you bought; feel free to send me a message on Instagram. I will be glad to help and also provide answers to all your questions.



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