How To Get & Maintain Soft Pink Lips: Best Pink Lips Balm To Use


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Who doesn’t want soft, pink lips that would always be the centre of attraction when you are holding eye contact with someone? It goes without much saying that people with pink lips get that cute, lovely, charming look that can be given off even from a bare face. If you are considering getting your lips pink, let me share with you all you need to know about getting and maintaining pink lips; the safest methods I can recommend to get you pink lips naturally; common things people do to get pink lips; unsafe ways I suggest you stay away from; things to avoid and also the best pink lip balms you can use.


Best, Natural Pink Lip Balms

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A Little About Pink Lips

Pink lips are attractive no doubt. Regardless of your complexion, naturally pink lips can accentuate your beauty, give you a look of class and distinction and provide a big boost to your overall beauty. It is common knowledge that pink lips are usually soft, always moisturized, cute and even seductive. This is not far from the truth though. Both male and female alike all want to have one and so almost everyone is clamouring to get soft pink lips.

It is just sad that only very few people are naturally blessed with pink lips. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t get one for yourself if you do not have it. Getting pink lips require simple routines and discipline to maintain them. Though there are many ways to go about getting yours, you should stick to safe and healthy methods that won’t leave you with more problems later. I will be focusing on these in this post.

Why do people want naturally pink lips?

There’s no doubt that naturally rosy lips are an appealing feature of a woman’s beauty or a man’s good looks. Soft and pink lips are something most people desire. Not only does it improve your appearance, but also, it is a good sign that your lips are healthy. Very dark, and sometimes chapped lips are unsightly and can cause bleeding in severe cases. Chapped or very dark lips are a concern to many, but with simple remedies, you can easily lighten your lips to make them soft and pink.

There are many ways to lighten dark lips that don’t require buying expensive products or undergoing huge treatments. You can always try natural home remedies that can effectively lighten your lips. The time it takes for these remedies to work varies, so you have to be patient when you use them to achieve the results you want.

Common Causes of Dark/Black Lips

It’s either you have pink lips, cream lips (in some cases), a lip colour which is the same shade (or close) as your skin tone, or you have dark lips (which may look unhealthy in some people’s case). If you are looking at getting pink lips and you have a yellow lip or one that matches your skin tone, it is quite easy to workaround. But if you have dark and unhealthy looking lips., you need to do more to get those pink lips, and also do more to maintain it.

First, you need to know what is causing your lips to be dark and look unhealthy. From there, you would know where to start your journey to getting pink lips. If you know what causes yours, you can know what lifestyles to change or adapt to help you get pink lips faster. Although different genetic factors combine to determine the complexion of your lips, excessively dark and unhealthy black lips are often caused by some things we can avoid.

So, what makes your lips go dark?

More often than not, your lips can get darkened and even rough due to various factors like certain lifestyles or habits, low blood circulation, dehydration, stress, drugs, smoking and a lot more. Here are the common, and major causes of black lips that also make them look unhealthy:

  • Dehydration, Keeping lips dry for prolonged times.
  • Consistent use of lip cosmetics or products that are harsh.
  • Melasma or hyperpigmentation.
  • Dirt, greasy residue, and all kinds of external materials can deposit and congeal in your lips as a result of accumulated makeup, diet and other factors. This discolours your lips and makes the lips black.
  • Anaemia.
  • High consumption of caffeine and hot beverages.
  • Some environmental factors like exposing your face to the harmful effects of too much sunlight and pollution.
  • Stress and putting too much pressure on yourself can trigger hormonal imbalances that hurt your lips.
  • Some health problems like deficiency of red blood cells or dehydration can deprive you of pink lips.
  • Not properly removing or washing off makeup at night, especially lip makeup.
  • Some allergic reactions to toothpaste, lipstick, balms etc.
  • Use of low-quality lip balms and other lip ointments; or use of cheap or expired lipsticks on your lips, etc
  • Chewing tobacco.
  • Excessive smoking.
  • Intense lip sucking.
  • Not exfoliating your lips once in a while and not washing off greasy dirt and residue on your lips.

All these and more are major causes of darkened lips and poor lip health generally. They often lead to a build-up of dead skin flakes and residue on your lips and this can undermine the texture and complexion of your lips; thereby preventing you from having pink lips. You need to take care of these factors to protect the true colour of your lips first. Have it in mind that without taking appropriate and consistent lip care, you may not be able to maintain the natural pink colour of your lips when you get them.


The Process Of Getting Natural Pink Lips At Home

If your lips are dark and you want to get natural pink lips at home, there is a simple process to follow. (NB if your lips are not black, but are a different shade apart from pink, you can skip this process and go straight to things you can do to get your lips pink).

For people with black/dark lips, first, you need to carry out some very simple lip treatments before going ahead to lighten your lips, and properly get into making your lips pink. The whole process is easy as you may not spend more than 5 minutes on each. So, let’s start with lip treatments for your dark lips to pave way for getting pink lips.

Lip treatment for dark lips

If you are looking for a very good treatment, especially one on how to make black lips become easier to turn pink, here are a few things you can use for starters:

  • Applying beetroot juice with cotton wool can be a great home remedy for dark lips.
  • Try mixing coarse salt or sugar with almond oil or coconut oil and gently massage the mixture on your lips once a day.
  • You can use a soft bristle brush or washcloth dipped in coconut oil to exfoliate your lips.
  • Pick any one of the above and do it thrice for one week before moving to the next process. Ensure you use a lightening lip moisturizer or balm after each treatment to lock in moisture and protect your lips.

Going down the “pink lips ladder”, after treating your dark lips you can go ahead to lighten them up to make it easier for you to turn them pink. So, let’s see the simplest way to do this.

How to lighten your black lips at home

If you have known what causes your dark and unhealthy lips and you are working to adjust the lifestyle, you can try to lighten it up first before thinking about doing things that would get it to look pink. Here is what you can try to lighten your dark and unhealthy lips fast using natural remedies:

  • You can start with aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel contains a melanin inhibiting component that can help to lighten your skin. And you can start by applying fresh aloe vera gel on your lips and washing it off when it dries up. This will surely help to lighten your lips over time, while also giving it a healthy look and feel.
  • You can use the juice of fresh mint leaves mixed with lemon juice and honey to scrub your lips for a few minutes. Wash off after a while to get your lips brighter.
  • Applying lemon on the lips can be an effective home treatment for dark lips. Lemon has lightening properties which can help in removing dark spots and skin pigmentation.
  • You can also apply a few drops of extra virgin coconut oil or olive oil to your lips. This is a common thing people do to get into the process of making their lips pink.

Note that you would pick only one of the above method and start applying right after the last day you used the lip treatment of your choice. Also, follow each method up with a lightening lip balm to seal in moisture and help lighten it faster. Do this four times a week for two weeks before moving to the next process.

Now that you have lightened your lips, it’s time to get into the full process of making it turn pink naturally. But let’s understand what makes someone’s lips pink. By understanding this, we can know what to look out for when trying to get our lips pink.

What makes someone’s lips pink?

Pink lips can be attributed to the biological activity of some very important natural elements like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and an organic pigment known as Beta-Carotene. Some people have these natural compounds in their bodies more abundantly than others, which is a major determinant of their bright pink lips. The more vitamin A, Vitamin E, and B-Carotene your body gets and absorbs, the more likely that the resulting bright-coloured orangey-reddish-pinkish pigments from these compounds would find their way to your lips – thus giving you pink lips.

The complex biological processes within our bodies operate differently, which means that some people naturally get and absorb enough of these compounds while other people do not. Regardless, you can gradually develop pink lips naturally by packing your daily diet with lots of (citrus) fruits that provide vitamin C. & E. (tangerine, oranges, pineapples, etc.), vegetables and supplements rich in these powerful vitamins and B-Carotene too.

With that said, let’s dive right into how you can get those cute and soft pink lips at home using simple ways.

Simple, Effective Methods To Get Natural Pink Lips

To get natural pink lips, there are both natural and artificial ways. Artificial ways include plastic surgery, extra-hard scrubbing, use of products with high chemicals or peeling. These may work almost instantly, but they could actually harm your lips in the long run. A lot of people do resort to these methods but I do not always recommend them as they aren’t all that safe. Therefore, I will not focus on artificial techniques to get pink lips but will only focus on how to make your lips pink naturally at home.

There are fun, effective and simple ways you can get pink lips and here are some of them (any of these DIY methods will get you permanent pink lips as long as you are patient and consistent,’ and of course, they are all-natural ways you can get pink lips at home):

  1. How to get pink lips with toothbrush and toothpaste (especially Colgate):

In addition to maintaining healthy lifestyle choices, and regularly consuming important fruits, vegetables and supplements with the required vitamins and minerals, one of the most effective and natural ways to get pink lips is to exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush & paste when brushing your teeth. Doing this is a good way to get rid of the accumulation of dirt and residue on your lips.

A good toothpaste like Colgate (or any other good one) can work great to exfoliate your lips. Here are the two best ways to do it.


How To Apply:

  • Dampen your toothbrush lightly with a little water.
  • Press a very small amount of toothpaste on it.
  • Gently and slowly rub it across your upper and lower lips in circular motions.
  • Once satisfied with the cleaning (should take less than 3 minutes), wash off the paste with lukewarm water.
  • Use a very good rosy lip moisturizer to seal in moisture.

Here is the second method using Colgate too:

  • Pour a small quantity of Colgate toothpaste into a clean plate.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of honey and 1/2 teaspoon of cosmetic sugar.
  • Stir them properly until all the ingredients are properly dissolved.
  • Smear the mixture on your lips and scrub with a very soft toothbrush to avoid bleeding.
  • Do this for like a minute and a half before washing off with lukewarm water to avoid irritation and dryness.
  • Apply a thin coat of pink lip moisturizer to keep your lips soft.

Though there are other methods to exfoliate your lips, brushing them with toothpaste is usually a gentler route than using other exfoliants. You need to consistently do this twice a week until you start noticing visible changes. However, if the toothpaste additives and flavours cause allergic reactions in your lips, stop using it immediately and try other methods.

  1. Get pink lips using a sugar scrub:

Sugar scrubs are great for removing dead skin cells on the lips and giving way for healthy and lighter skin to appear.

How To Apply:

  • Mix one teaspoon each of almond oil and honey and two teaspoons of cosmetic sugar.
  • Stir properly until everything has properly dissolved into a smooth paste.
  • Scrub your lips with this mixture. Scrub gently for like a minute as the skin on your lips is quite sensitive.
  • When done, leave it for 2 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water.
  • Lock in moisture with a pink lips balm immediately.

Sugar scrubs are best known for their efficiency in exfoliation. This scrub will gently exfoliate the dead skin cells which often give your lips an unpleasant appearance. This method is great as the almond oil and honey will give your lips moisture even as the sugar removes the dead skin. Try this twice a week for best results.

  1. Get rosy lips with honey and sugar scrub:

Honey and cosmetic sugar combined can never go wrong. You can use honey and sugar scrub to give your lips a little tender loving care. This scrub is very gentle and is well-suited for the tender skin of your lips.

How To Apply:

  • Pour 1 tablespoon of cosmetic sugar in a small bowl.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of honey to it.
  • Mix the ingredients thoroughly to form a smooth paste.
  • Apply the scrub over your lips with your finger and lightly massage it for 1 minute. The massage not only helps with exfoliation, but it also improves blood circulation in the lips, making them healthier and lighter with time.
  • Leave the scrub on your lips for a few minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.
  • Rub a pink lips balm to protect the skin.

While you can make this scrub with white sugar, brown sugar is more recommended as it is much gentler on the skin. It is also rich in antioxidants that protect your skin from ultraviolet (UV) damage due to exposure to the sun. The glycolic acid present in the sugar also conditions the skin and protects it from toxins. And honey is a natural humectant, which means that it attracts moisture, keep the exfoliated lips hydrated and healthy, also helping to lighten the skin tone of your lips.

Repeat this method 2-3 times a week until you see noticeable results.

  1. Pomegranate seeds and milk cream for pink lips:

Pomegranate seeds work great in lightening pigmented lips no doubt. It contains a compound called punicalagin which prevent the production of melanin and also prevents your lips from getting darker when exposed to the sun.

How To Apply:

  • Take a handful of pomegranate seeds and grind them.
  • Mix the fine, smooth pomegranate seed with some milk cream.
  • Mix thoroughly until you achieve a smooth paste.
  • Apply this mixture onto your lips.
  • Massage gently with your fingers for a few seconds.
  • Leave it to dry for about 15 minutes.
  • Wash it off with cold water.
  • Apply a pink lips balm to finish it up.


You can repeat this process daily. Do it consistently and in no time, you will notice your lips become pinker and fuller too.

  1. Straw/Raspberries, aloe vera gel and honey for rosy lips:

A lip scrub made from strawberries or raspberries, aloe vera gel, and pure honey can really help to make your lips pink naturally. The remedy doesn’t irritate the skin and even people with sensitive skin can enjoy it.

How To Apply:

  • Pour an equal portion of a few strawberries or raspberries, aloe vera gel, and honey in a bowl.
  • Mix them very well to make a paste.
  • Apply this paste with your fingers to your lips with a gentle massage.
  • Leave it for about 20 minutes before you wash it off.
  • You can wash off with cool water and pat dry.
  • Moisturize the lips using a good pink lips balm afterwards.

Berries contain vital minerals and vitamins which are highly essential for keeping your lips healthy and vibrant. Raspberries and strawberries can turn dark lips into pretty pink lips. Honey on its own is a natural moisturizing agent that can soften your lips and help bring a natural pink colour. And of course, aloe vera gel is a soothing ingredient that helps with chapped and irritated lips. It also stimulates the growth of new skin cells and helps to lessen skin damage caused by the sun.

This method can be done 3 days a week until you start seeing changes.

  1. Using lemon and almond oil to get rosy lips:

Lemon is a wonderful skin-lightening agent; a natural bleach and skin toner which is safe to use on many skin types. The lemon is an effective way to undo the sun’s damage on your lips and lighten them naturally. To prevent your lips from drying out while using lemon on it, a good moisturizer like sweet almond oil is needed. Sweet almond oil hydrates your lips from within and helps even out their complexion as well.

How To Apply:

  • Get a lemon and squeeze the juice from half a lemon into 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil.
  • Mix the two thoroughly with a spoon or your finger.
  • Take a little of the almond oil and lemon juice mixture and lightly massage it on your lips.
  • For best results, leave the mixture on your lips overnight.
  • In the morning, wash your lips in the process of doing your routine morning brushing.
  • Apply pink lips balm on it to keep the lightened skin tone intact.

You can repeat this process every night for 3 to 4 weeks till you notice a significant change.

  1. Beetroot juice to get natural pink lips:

If you’ve ever eaten this vegetable, you know how it leaves stains all over. But that’s not all. Beetroot works to clear up the pigmentation of your lips. Besides being natural, it’s free of chemicals and also inexpensive.

How To Apply:

  • To use beetroot for pink lips, combine one tablespoon of beetroot juice and the same for honey. Mix properly.
  • Wet your lips with a piece of damp cotton wool and massage this mixture over your lips.
  • Leave it on overnight. and in the morning, you’ll notice your lips turning soft and pinkish.
  • You can rinse it off gently when you are having your morning bath.
  • Then use a good pink lip ointment to complete the look.

You can keep doing this 3 times a week to get naturally soft, pink lips in no time.

  1. Lemon and sugar to get pink lips:

Lemon is an excellent and natural bleaching agent. The citric acid in lemon juice helps to lighten the lips and get it to turn pink. Sugar, on the other hand, helps to exfoliate all the dead skin cells.

How To Apply

  • Cut a thin slice of lemon and sprinkle a little cosmetic sugar on it.
  • Rub this sugary slice on your lips for two minutes.
  • Leave it on for a couple of minutes and then rinse off.
  • Get a good pink lips balm and apply on your lips to protect it

Have it in mind that lemon is acidic in nature and so not all skin types will adjust to its nature. If you experience any irritation while using this remedy, just stop it immediately and try others that are milder. If this works for you, you can repeat this remedy twice a week for the best result. With time, you will notice that your lips will begin to get lighter and pinker.

  1. Using Rose petals and milk (this makes the lips pink overnight):

Not all of us are patient enough to wait over a period of time to rock pink lips. If you find yourself in the category that needs to get (temporary) pink lips in the shortest time, maybe for a special occasion, this is your best remedy.

How to Apply

  • Soak Rose petals in milk overnight (this should be on the night before the day you want to enjoy your pink lips).
  • Strain the petals in the morning and mash them gently.
  • Add a few drops of the milk in which you have soaked the petals.
  • Continue mashing gently until you have a mushy paste out of the two.
  • When you are ready to go out, apply this paste to your lips and leave it on for 15 minutes.
  • Wash it off with cold water and pat dry.
  • Grab a rosy lip balm and apply immediately to lock in the moisture and further nourish your skin.
  • Finish up the rest of your preparation and hit the road. Trust me, even if you end up licking or cleaning off the pink lip balm you applied, your lips would remain pink all day!

This remedy is a temporary way of getting natural pink lips overnight and so, do not expect your lips to stay pink more than 2-3 days. It is best for special events or photoshoots where you will be needing your lips to appear soft and pink for the day.

10. How to get pink lips in 1 minute:

Getting pink lips in one minute is very easy. Just have it in mind that it won’t be permanent. But yeah, you can make your lips pink in one minute and rock the rest of the day looking pretty and kissable (wink). Here is what to do to get pink lips in one minute.

How to Apply

  • Start by rubbing an ice cube over your lips for a few seconds. This will help to smoothen out and make the lips look fuller instantly. Or, you can try natural lip plumper that can be made with a quarter teaspoon cinnamon mixed with olive oil. Apply it on your lips and leave it for a few seconds.
  • Once your lips feel and look plump, apply petroleum jelly (like this one from Vaseline) on the lips. It has a lot of benefits when applied to the skin as it locks in moisture to support the skin’s healing processes and also remove built-up pigments on the lips.
  • Next, take a piece of cotton wool and dip it in cranberry or beetroot juice.
  • Apply enough on your lips and let it dry up in a few seconds. Once dry, you have got yourself a pink lip look that will serve you for the rest of the day,
  • If you do not have cranberry or beetroot juice available, you can apply this pink lips balm from Vaseline or use this light pink lipstick to complete the look and leave your lips looking cutely pink all day long.

11. How to get soft pink lips with lip balms only:

If someone has ever told you that you can’t get soft, pink lips by only using lip balms, you might want to discard that information. Using a very good lip balm is a proven aid in regenerating skin cells, boosting blood circulation and preventing fine lines while keeping the lips moisturized and soft. The most important thing to keep in mind to get guaranteed results is that when you choose your lip balm, make sure they have essential oils as ingredients and contain natural emollients that can make your lips pink and soft by keeping them moisturized always. If you are looking for a good recommendation, I will recommend you try this Moroccan Magic Pink Lip Balm.

How to Apply

  • After choosing a very good pink lips balm that has natural ingredients.
  • Apply the balm as instructed by the manufacturer. Most times, it involves applying it morning and night after your bath.
  • Keep using the balm until you start seeing positive results.
  • When you notice positive changes, you can then stick to using the balm once a day to serve as a moisturizer that would keep your lips soft always.

If you notice that a lip balm is not providing any changes, be sure to confirm that you are not using an expired or spoilt product. Also, ensure that you got one that is very good and has ingredients that would give you results. You can check out the balms I recommended earlier to pick the one you would love).


All the methods mentioned here can be done for a certain number of times. Just have it in mind that whichever method you choose, you can always apply the pink lips balm after each method and also every single day when you can. This would give you quicker results. But, it’s totally fine if you just use a normal lip balm to lock in moisture. You would still get your pink lips but not as fast as using a good pink lips balm to complete the process.

Essential things to know about pink lips

Getting pink and soft lips is actually easy, but maintaining it can require a little work. You know it’s pointless if you stick to a remedy and start noticing your lips getting pink, only to start doing things that would ruin your efforts. When your lips are getting pink, there are some things to keep in mind, as well as some things to avoid. First, let’s look at what to keep in mind if you want to successfully manage your pink lips:

  • If you pick any natural remedy, resist the urge to lick the ingredients off your lips, eg the honey-sugar scrub, lemon etc. If you do this, your saliva will dry out the freshly exfoliated skin of your lips, making them chapped and dry.
  • Some commercial lip balms can contain chemicals that can make your lips dull over time. Make sure that you are using lip balms made from natural ingredients or even make your homemade lip balm.
  • On a normal day, don’t make the habit of sucking on your lips. The saliva makes the lips chapped and dry, making them dark and dull over time.
  • Always wear a good lip balm with sunscreen to protect your lips from sun damage.
  • Have it in mind that if your dark lips are genetic, there may not be much you can do about it. Don’t beat yourself when you try all the above and see no changes. You can always stick to using just pink lips balm or pink lipsticks.
  • Once in a while, exfoliate your lips with lemon and sugar scrub to remove built-up dirt, grease and all that. You can skip this if you already use this remedy to get pink lips.
  • Moisturise your lips regularly to keep it soft always.
  • Always drink enough water to stay hydrated and keep your lips moist. Drinking lots of water and juice keeps your skin soft and moisturizes it. Water nourishes the skin and helps in the growth of new skin cells too. 
  • Go natural on your lips and avoid chemicals, especially harmful ones.
  • Learn to prime your lips before applying your lip makeup whenever you are going for full-face makeup.
Things to avoid when trying to maintain a pink lip

To get and maintain natural pink lips, you need to avoid some things that can ruin your efforts. Here are the most important ones:

  • First, avoid everything that causes dark lips. From smoking, no proper lip care, letting yourself go dehydrated, too much sugar/caffeine/alcohol etc.
  • Avoid sucking your lips or putting too much pressure on it.
  • Don’t over-exfoliate your lips. Too much of anything has always been bad.
  • Always remove lip makeup before going to sleep.
  • Stop using low quality or expired cosmetics on your lips.
  • Do not experiment with too many products on your lips. Buy or make one that has lots of natural ingredients and less harsh chemicals and stick to it,
  • Don’t stop moisturizing your lips, especially when the weather is dry and can crack your lips.

Remedies For Men To Get Naturally Pink Lips

If you are male and searching for how to get pink lips for men, it is easy. A male can do all of the methods mentioned above and still get that soft pink lips. But since most men tend to have harder lips compared to the female folks who have soft lips that can be moisturized, exfoliated and pink-ified in no time; the most effective method I can recommend for men is the sugar, lemon and honey scrub.

How To Apply

  • Cut a thin slice of lemon and sprinkle a little cosmetic sugar and a few drops of honey on it.
  • Rub this lemon slice on your lips for three minutes.
  • Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it off.
  • Get a very good pink lips balm and apply on your lips to protect it and keep it moisturized.

You can do the above 2-3 times a week until you start seeing positive changes. The pink lip balm you will apply will help you get faster results. Also, keep the below things in mind to maintain the pink lips and keep it permanent:

  • Quit smoking if you do.
  • Drink enough water throughout the day.
  • Eat lots of berries and other fruits rich in vitamin C.
  • Always moisturize your lips with a good lip moisturizer each day
  • Most importantly, stay away from the sun (or apply a sunscreen balm) and other stressors that may be putting pressure on your lips.
The Best Rosy Lips Balm To Use To Get Soft Pink Lips

There are millions of pink lips balm in the market.  If you choose to just walk into any store and pick anyone off their shelf, you might want to rethink that. This is because you will probably get swallowed up by the tons of different brands you will find there. But that is not even the problem about picking a good lip balm. The major problem is that most of these lip balms are produced with one harsh or harmful chemical or the other. Trust me, the last thing you want is to get your lips into trouble in the name of trying to get pink lips.

Not to worry, I already plan on taking the stress of making a safe choice off your shoulder. I have done the research and found very safe and healthy rosy lip balms you can use to get pink lips naturally while effectively moisturizing your lips in the process. I have a full post on that here and I can bet you would get lots of insights by checking it out. There you would find my best recommendations of natural pink lips balm, how to know if the one you want to choose is safe, how to tell which balm has harsh chemicals in it, the effects of using these balms and also, how you can make your very own lip balm at home!

Click this link to go straight to the post and learn a lot that would benefit you on your journey to getting soft and pink lips. Don’t forget to also share your thoughts.


So, now that you understand how to go about getting pink lips, do not forget to do what is necessary to maintain it as getting pink lips may be easy, but maintaining them is the hard part. Always stay hydrated, take your vitamins, avoid bad habits and do what is necessary to ensure you get and keep a great-looking and impressive pink lips. Trust me, your lips can be very beautiful and pink if you follow the home remedies and the tips here diligently.

Also, if you are looking for very good and natural pink lips balm, I have a full post on it right here. There you would also find how to make your own lip balm all by yourself at home.

So, have you tried any of the above? Or is there anything else you might want to share? Please, let’s hear your thoughts or questions in the comment box below.

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  1. How did I not find this earlier? I have been using very harsh chemicals people have been recommending and I won’t lie, NO RESULTS SO FAR!

    I really appreciate you giving this information for free.

  2. I have always had fair lips. But I wanted them to look pink and not really like I had got my lips bleached.

    I’m doing well with drinking water regularly, not smoking and not biting them. I’m considering a balm to use. Will definitely look into one of your suggestions.

  3. Gosh! How do you guys keep doing this? I have tried these natural steps for weeks, running into months and I haven’t had much luck!

    Was I really born that way? ?

  4. My lips are like the same Shade with my skin. It was quite easy for me to turn them pink even though I almost injured myself in the process. It still came out nice and soft. I didn’t use any method here, but these are guaranteed to work!

    Now, I just use the pink Vaseline just to enhance the pink tint.


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